Vets 40 Run Retirees

 Batsmen in DVCA Limited over "Veterans" matches must retire immediately they have reached

                                 or passed 40 runs and may not return to the crease

                                           (even if the rest of their team-mates either retire or lose their wicket)


        Vets 40+ Runs In A Match (Compulsory Retirement at 40)


  Robert Rynne            Mark McDonald             David Aldred             Russell Humphrey


   Ian Reagan                 Dean Shiel               Rodney Heaney            James Wickham


  Greg Friend               Andrew Peace            Wayne Campbell             Chris Russell


    Peter Kile                Shaun Briant              Cameron Powell              Ben Carboon


Craig McDonald          David McAuley              James Mitchell            Michael McKeown


  Grant Wright           Grahame Booker              Mark Allen                   Jason Quinn


  Andrew Avola             Sean Molloy                Steven Young              Bruce Coleman


Daniel Prestopino          Guy Booker                Jason Stewart                 Daniel Foy


   Scott Morley               Glenn Mills            Nekta Papadopoulos         Michael Heyfron