Whittlesea Cricket Club

Hall of Fame


Celebrating 150 years of cricket in Whittlesea in 2016/17, the club began our 'Hall of Fame' to honour players from the past who had performed with extra-odinary skill, patience, perseverance or 'clubmanship'.


The information we have is accurate to the best of our knowledge, although in no way definitive, and while the facts have been researched the stories may have been given a little embellishment.



John Owens 1860 - 1936

The fiery opening bowler took 13 wickets in the first game he played on record for the club, played as a 'sub' for the opposition just to get a game when he was young, and played in the club's first premiership at the age of 46. He matured into a stalwart top-order batsman with over 1000 runs to his name - even though he also had over 30 'ducks' - and was the first player to take 400 wickets.

John was 49 when he retired from cricket and moved to the western districts of Victoria.


First Played - 1884          Last Played - 1909           Games - 99

Batting:                             Bowling:

Innings - 149                    Wickets -  422                   

Runs - 1131                      Runs - 2568

Avg. - 7.59                        Avg. - 6.08


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Bartholomew 'Bat' McCormack 1864 - 1956

Son of an Irish immigrant, Bart played his early cricket with his brothers in Woodstock, but when competition cricket was started in the district Bart rode for Whittlesea.  He quickly established a reputation with the bat, regularly making '30-odd' when most were lucky to make double figures.  He was also no slouch with the ball, taking '9 for' against Arthur's Creek in one match, and when 'representative' cricket started he was a regular - captaining the team on a few occasions. Bart retired from cricket when his civic duties with the local council became too much.

He played at least 50 games, made over 1400 runs, and took nearly 250 wickets.


First Played - 1887        Last Played - 1902          Games - 53

Batting:                           Bowling:

Innings - 74                    Wickets - 243

Runs - 1407                    Runs - 1447

Avg. - 19.01                    Avg. - 10.58


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Donald McKenzie 1871 - 1962

Don's love of cricket was not matched by his on-field ability when he first started to play cricket for Whittlesea, indeed it took him 3 years to get in to 'double figures', but what he did have was persistence.  By the turn of the century, he was a solid middle order batsman and 'change' bowler, and in 1899 he was named captain of the club. It was a position in which he remained for seven years.  With a high score of 42 (v. Greensborough) and a 6/31 (v. Arthur's Creek), his numbers weren't compelling - it was the fact that in 1905/06 he was the captain of the club's first premiership that he will best be remembered.


First Played - 1891       Last Played - 1910       Games - 121

Batting:                         Bowling:

Innings - 181                 Wickets - 173

Runs - 1105                  Runs - 1487

Avg. - 6.10                    Avg. - 8.59


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