Spirit of the Game

The M. J. & C. R. McDonald  
Spirit of the Game Award
This award arises from an Umpire’s request (Mr Geoff Hill) to forego his umpire’s payment and for the club to instead institute an award to the player who has shown the most consistent pursuit of playing the game within the spirit of the game throughout the season. The award is named after Mark & Craig McDonald who are both life members of the club.
The coach of the under 16 (1) team shall ask the opposition coach/manager in each round to assess the Whittlesea players who have played to the highest spirit of the game awarding votes 3, 2 and 1. At the end of the season the votes will be tabulated and the award recipient determined.
Year Winner
2004/05 Ashley Lovick & Jacob Walton
2005/06 Broderick Foxwell
2006/07 Patrick McVeigh
2007/08 Jarrod Lovick
2008/09 Mitch McAuley
2009/10 Dylan Cole
2010/11 Ryan Adams
2011/12 Nathan Somerville
2012/13 Clancy Bland

Connor Leslie

2014/15Billy Goodwin
2015/16Ben Leavold
2016/17Lewis Kambouris
2017/18No Award